Wojciech Wypych

One of the amazing things about music is that each single addition or twist turns the same track into another piece of art that holds different characteristics. The Polish band, Snakedoctors, recently dropped their album, “Four and a half,” in May. It has a variety of genres, and it’s a double CD album that has different versions of its tracks, such as “Wuss,” which demonstrates their musical prowess.

In May 2020, four friends (Wojciech, Jarosław, Jacek, and Robert) in Gdansk, Poland, decided to form a band under the name Snakedoctors. They mash together so well and that’s clearly shown in the single, “Wuss,” which is the 4th single promoting the band’s 4th album. I personally, digged the solo part that lasts for almost a minute with its exploding energy to hook the listener and illustrate how these guys enjoy their time playing together.

In this version, the band cooperated with the singer and guitarist, Ada Nike, to be the female voice in the song, which was featured before in their song, “Girl with Sponges,” adding a tasty flavor and making the delivered story more fun and credible. Her vocals harmonize with Wojciech Wypych’s and generate a raspy, playful compo that blends with the grungy style to give the ideal vibe.

The song depicts the man who misses his window as he was offered opportunities but didn’t seize them and looked for others. The storytelling was more than enough to picture the scene, but the single has that awesome animated video that has the band members and Ada Nike and will save you the trouble of imagining and give you more space to enjoy their Rock, Grunge, Punk mix.

The quartet may be playing music for fun, as they said, but they’re surely know how to craft quality music while having fun.