Among The Masses based in Stockholm, Sweden, released a chilly good alternative rock song called ‘Wrong Turn’, on the 6th of March. The band share a huge love for guitar-based bands such as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Television, and are heavily inspired by bands like The Cure and Depeche Mode who are masters of the darkness, which really shows in their music with their cold yet mellow music. They mix in events from new wave, rock and nostalgic 80’s sound. The band members thank their golden ticket to fame and success in their musical journey, award-winning producer Andreas Ahlenius. David Liebe is on the vocals of the band, Andrew Miller on the piano and keyboards, and Gabriel Burman is on the bass. 

This song is like a time machine ride into the good old 80s rock. The style and way of this song is marvelous with the stone-cold yet emotive vocals cascading in a dark matter against the slow, alternative goth rock soundscape. The overall sound of the song is a synthy dark wave vibe that seeps into your veins, easily becoming your new favorite tune especially if you’re into the dark wave, goth rock kind of music. The musical arrangement is great, with a cold and slow drum set, prominent cymbals, and electric guitars that are distorted, distant, and melancholic. There are also really subtle yet substantial orchestral sounds backing the song, and some magical sound effects that create a dreamy undertone. Hitting this song on repeat is a definite case for the beautiful mastery of this genre from Among The Masses.