Usually, I go for music that has a melody in its core, and this is what the song is really about it’s actually as described has the spirit of “artists such as Landon Tewers, Sevdaliza, Missio, Stephen and Grandson and other “dark” parts that refer to Dana Dentata, Ghostemane and Istasha.” Frankly, his voice was the first thing that caught my ears really because I loved his technique which reminds me of the one and only Michael Jackson, among other influences such as Linkin Park. You would think that I am exaggerating but I believe when you gonna give a listen below you will feel the same immediately. Also, I would like to salute the work that has been done over here with the music structure, I haven’t seen a song in 2021 so far with such tight dynamics, harmony along melody as an I mentioned earlier. Feel the incredible vibes below! 

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Mena Ezzat