“Worry” is the latest single from the Boston-based Dream of a Man in a Top Hat … with the unique name comes great responsibility…and Dream of a Man in a Top does not only deliver, but raises for the occasion and raises the musical bar for alternative rock…

The musical duo is making new music…and I don’t mean mixing stuff together to create something new…no, it feels like the duo is creating new musical elements and sounds THEN they mix them together…it’s like nothing we’ve heard before.

Let me start with the movement in “Worry”…it’s disorienting in the most amazing ways…sometimes you can’t tell if the music is fast or not…it’s playing tricks with your ears and heart.

“Worry” is borderline experimental, but yet, it’s accessible…it’s one of those songs that you can use to lure your friends into starting to listen to experimental alt-rock…it’s shocking and catchy.

The Boston-based musical duo has been making music from the 80s…and with more than 30 years of music creation, they’ve played with everything from synths, guitars, new tech in music and sounds…so you’re in for a sonic treat for the ears and soul.

We have to know the minds behind this absolutely groundbreaking musicality here…and here they are…

Lee Leffler on guitars, vocals and Michael Frackleton on drums and vocals.

Describing “Worry” is very easy and very difficult at the same time…”Worry” is a very experimental approach to alt-rock, but it reacts with your brain in the most interesting of ways…it tricks you, it leads you and it shocks you.

For its runtime of 3 minutes and 25 seconds…you’ll be experiencing aggressive synths, some elements of orchestral strings, angelic melodic vocals , an evolving drum beat that feels more melodic than just a beat…

The whole experience that “Worry” presents is like a dream…you have to give it a go…actually, right now.

Wishing all the best to the boundary-pushing musical duo, can’t wait to see what’s next for them.