Worn Out is an alternative rock band based in Quartu Sant’Elena (Cagliari – Italy). Their sound ranges from modern hardcore to indie rock, from Brit to post-rock; crunchy psychedelics, hypnotic bridges, dissonant and distorted sounds, dynamic and violent rhythmic systems, haunting lullabies, sweet vocal melodies and a bit of Screamo.

Born in July 2009, when the Okay Daisy (Martina’s band at that time) had to replace their guitarist, Kočo (former voice and guitarist of Sar.Ca.Bronx, a punkrock band active in Cagliari in the 90’s) was asked to join Martina and Luca. At the beginning, the purpose was to carry on with the Okay Daisy project.

On the 25th of November 2011, they published their first EP “A Present For You”, totally auto produced, recorded and mixed by Gabriele Boi between January and March 2011 at the Sleepwalkers Recording Studio in Guspini (VS – Italy), and now they are working on their first full-length single.
Taking into consideration Worn out’s “Army”, directed by Bruno Mameli; Photography by Michela Medda, Bruno Mameli; Camera by Michela Medda, Bruno Mameli; Postproduction by Bruno Mameli; Scene made by Martina Manca, Francesco Virdis.

The main theme is abandonment; a guy left a girl and therefore ruined said girl’s life (The front female vocalist of the band named Martina) and on how she comes back to avenge herself.

As the lyrics says here:

“Finally I found you, doctor,
this should be your garden.
Look how many crazy blossoms,
they will grow up quickly..
Unfortunately you won’t be there,

this is my proud promise:
this should be the last time you dry them ’cause I’m coming over you.”

It starts by showing us around the house with the little girl’s toys, to be shown later that this is the guy’s daughter and how happy they seem to be together and how content she is to have her father and her toys around. It shows later how he was taken hostage by Martina and how he hid his daughter. The video can be interpreted politically, by how the army can take your whole family hostage and, having no clue what to do, you kill yourself, as the guy did.


  • Martina: voice + bass
  • Francesco: guitar
  • Kočo: guitar + voice
  • Alessandro: drums