Swedish Misty Death Metal band Mara are back with their new single “Embers of Hades” , out via Wormholedeath worldwide.

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The band speaking of the track: We really tried to do something different this time, we headed into the studio with no prewritten material with the intention of writing and recording this single as close to how it sounded when we jammed it as possible. The result is a heavy yet melodic song full of emotions and a slight nod towards some of our commin influences. The lyrics of the song is centered around ones journey through the afterlife as a ember among many other embers in the great fires of Hades.

Italian Metal Rock discovery THE SUNRISE are proud to release their new astonishing single “Take Time / Waste Time”, out via Wormholedeath.

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“TakeTime/WasteTime” depicts the inevitability of time’s passage and humanity’s inability to stop it; Kronos, the mythological god of time, clashes with the sweetness and elegance of a dancer who, dancing and whirling in a collapsing environment, tries to flee the implacable titan without realizing that she has gradually conformed and adapted to the obsolescence of the fate that, alas, had already been written. The dancer repeats her movements till she vanishes into thin air. The concept behind this song, which will be included in the album “Rising In Loop,” is one of the most important chapters of this work, which is structured as a concept album that confronts stories and intertwining of cultures and peoples from the past, present, and future, giving the listener a vision and representation of the band’s critical thinking about religions, folklore, and stories that have become true legends in the history of global crime. The album “Rising In Loop” intends to deal “historically” with the formation and consolidation of mankind’s mythical and religious concept, beginning with the absolute lack of life in the cosmos and ending with the present day. The final objective of this album is not to categorize or classify, but to pose an important issue for you to consider:… “What if?”…

“Pride And Blood” is a track taken from NONE’s EP “Interdimensional War Poetry” reissued via Wormholedeath worldwide.

“Interdimensional War Poetry” is the second EP release by None – the operation led by sole multi-instrumentalist and experimental artist Nicholas Mendiola. The record features 6 recordings of music which blends Neofolk, Black Metal, Industrial, Noise and Dark Ambient with a further emphasis on lyrical-song structuring.

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Press via Carlo Bellotti PublishingWormholedeath


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