As Bob Bradley (Fake Figures, Cassetta, Scars of Tomorrow) and Matthew Blair (Perish, Kansas City Gunfight) join forces to create Braille Eyes, they dropped their debut EP Please Know That It Cut Me To The Bone on the 27th of October 2023 in collaboration with co-writer/producer Tony Kim (Dance with the Dead) and Ben Flannigan (Black Map). Mixing their thick riffs with fluid melodies and killer hooks, they introduced their project with the single Wonder Why, and today we’ll dig deep into it together. 

With heavy riffs, pounding drums, and hard-hitting bass, Braille Eyes opened Wonder Why promising an unstoppable headbanging frenzy coming ahead. Wonder Why has a big open sound and a solid driving groove that magnifies its extremely dynamic sound, while the intense heavy riffs kept its hooking flow going hard, and the vocals kept the listeners fully engaged and at the edge of their seats. The powerful melodic vocals and guitar lines created a balanced mix that supported the song’s escalating structure as it pushed forward toward an even bigger sound, with the vocals gaining momentum and aggressiveness with each step.

Wonder Why is a heavy, dynamic tune with cleverly crafted sound shifts and killer flow. It shows Braille Eyes’ seasoned writing skills and well-knowledge of their direction, as they kept ripping those riffs relentlessly throughout the song’s twists and turns without compromising their energy or driving flow. Looking forward to more from Braille Eyes, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!