Jimmy On The Run

Some follow the trend, and others make it happen. Cindy Louise, a singer of South African descent, certainly has a knack for using her voice, writing prowess, and Rock, Pop, and Blues hybrid sound to craft an empowering anthem that will shatter the superficial stereotype and be a voice for all women out there. Her secret is to be sincere and passionate, as her brand-new single “Woman of My Own Damn Mind” demonstrates.

There are feminists and people who support women’s empowerment everywhere, of both sexes. But the thing is, the intention and the moral value that drives their movement behind it is different, and you can easily tell who’s making a fraud show and who truly believes and is trying to make an impact. The talented musician Cindy Louise proved which team she is on when she released her single, “Femme Fatale,” and she’s doing it again with her latest single, “Woman of My Own Damn Mind.”

The song starts off strong, and you immediately know you’re about to hear a masterpiece. I instantly got that feeling that Cindy Louise has a resemblance to Amy Winehouse’s feisty attitude but with her own distinct persona. The blend of the piano’s bluesy vibe, the spicy guitar riffs, and the solid humming of the intro prepare the ears for what’s to come.

The singing is beyond description! The energy, the passion, and the message embrace are making the vocal line on fire and making every female listener scream along, “I’m a woman of my own damn mind.” And making each male listener hear it, “I’m a man of my own damn mind.” Because all of us need to be reminded sometimes that only ourselves hold the reins, and the ardent composition that makes the heart zealous is such a reminder.

All in all, the song is super catchy and moving. Each element is well thought out and well placed to serve the message by combing together to give the fiery atmosphere. The artwork itself captures the strong woman’s look, with the photographer, Jimmy on the Run’s eyes.

Cindy Louise began her musical career in 2019, and so far, she has managed to have an authentic sound, a genuine writing style, and a meaningful message that is able to ignite a spark.