The improvisational/experimentation/psychedelic trio When Mountains Speak hits again with their new single “Gateway of Love” which opens new gates that will take us into new places as usual, so let’s see how it goes

When Mountains Speak are back with their experimental sound and spacey organic melodies on “Gateway of Love”. Exploring a more oriental area this time in a streaming, improvisational fluid structure with loads of harmonized effects, entertaining jazzy drumming, and constant groovy bass, “Gateway of Love” feels like a trip in a celestial no man’s land with its ever-changing flow that once you push play, it feels like you just hopped in a stream of melodies that carries you throughout its 8 minutes, and the use of the bible reading narrative and humming vocal harmonies were cleverly used and placed where they can break the steadiness adding a deeper and spiritual layer.

“Gateway of Love” is another extraordinary sonic journey with When Mountains Speak, they are masters of experimentation that always lead into really interesting places like this one. It’ll take you away from the real world into a space trip into a mysterious melodic world that’s their very own. Always looking forward to more, cheers

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