The tack used as the score for “In the Beginning” was from an early session with Bassist Jim Gary. The song is appropriately called ” Tonal Prospecting” as Steven’s use of unorthodox patterns and atmospheric sonic painting as a key elements in approaching the guitar. Jim uses a beautiful bass pattern and frequent melodic lines to anchor the performance, After recording the track live with a drum loop, Steven hired a session drummer to fill that need. Since then Rodrigo Silva on drums has joined WMS.  With a video concept in mind, Steven hired MAD YETI to do the visuals corresponding to the music and storyline. The video takes into account the varying beliefs surrounding how we all got here on this brilliant planet and the vastness of beauty in the universe around.

  • Band: When Mountains Speak
  • Composed by: Steven Clarkson and Jim Gary
  • Award Date: July 16th, 2020
  • Award Type: Exceptional Merit for Film Score
  • Film Festival: Nature Without Borders International Film Festival

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