Pulltops are the fruit of drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell joining forces. They mashed their varied, different influences, resulting in an endearing, infectious mix of 80’s synth-pop, indie rock, power pop, and hints of other flairs. Their latest release, “With You,” is an emotive number that easily serves as a testament to their musical prowess and captivating sound.

“With You” opens with a bright synth that is soon accompanied by dreamy, mellow vocals that gradually ignite with passion. The smooth storytelling is emotional, and it effortlessly sets an affectionate scene for the listener. The record may have started softly, but just as the guitar riffs and drumline enter the scene, they offer a dynamic ambiance along with the glazing vocal delivery. The harmonizing between the vocals and instrumentation creates an atmospheric sonic landscape that urges one to grab their significant other and dance.

The mesmerizing fusion of both nostalgic and contemporary flairs offers a timeless quality that makes the song sound familiar and fresh at the same time. The entire production is shimmering; it utilizes each element to produce a coherent, euphoric listening experience.

The duo surely has obvious chemistry that no one can deny. Their artistry, passion, and enjoyment are showcased in every note of the song. With the song hitting its finale note, you’ll be on cloud nine, feeling immersed in love, warmth, and sweet melodies, even if you’re not currently in love with someone. Enjoy the colorful vibe and send the song to someone else so they get to enjoy it “with you!”