When I first came across Redwoods’ music…it was the music I was missing for quite some time…and I needed in my life…so, naturally I checked their album “Daybreaker” and it was brilliant…so naturally, when they release a new song, I check it out and approach it with high hopes…and they surely delivered with their lates “Witch Hunt”.

Redwoods is bringing back the funk of the 70s, the sparkling metal of the 80s and the riffage of the 90s into one fusion of awesomeness…and with “Witch Hunt” they do that and score the highest points in each of these categories…blending them seamlessly and artistically, delivering us an amazing banger.

“Witch Hunt” has awesome funky guitars and also heavy riffs that will induce head banging and a little jumping up and down due to excess energy…

…and it’s not like the guitar is the culprit here…no, it’s all instruments really, the guitar gives you head banging, the drums gives you the jumps, the vocals will make you scream anthemically and the bass will have you groove instantly with your neck….

Redwoods really made a unique hit in many ways…the riffs, melodies, both vocal and musical…bass lines, effects…drum beats and fills…everything sounds so good…it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard so far in 2023 and it’s an enjoyable ride with catchy melodies that will have you put it on repeat for some time.

Redwoods‘ first album “Daybreaker” is a highly recommended listen too, so…just check their discography, you will have a thrill.

We wish Redwoods all the best in life and can not wait for new music from them…please keep’em coming, you’re awesome.