It’s been a while since I listened to a newly-formed band that caught my attention from the first track. Winter Calling is a – relatively- new band from Florida, USA, playing Hard Rock/Melodic Metal. Their album Faces was released last year with three video albums, which I’ll talk about later, but let me first dig into the tracks!

The album contains 9 tracks ranging from hard rock to melodic and a little bit of symphonic metal. Now, I believe you need to have a powerful intro to the album or else you won’t get the listener’s attention, and they did! ‘Disorder’ is the first track in the album, and for someone who loves symphonies, adding violin and harmonies in the beginning of the track was remarkable! A minute in you could hear the bass beats and guitars. ‘The Tower’ is a very interesting track which started with some harmonies and shifted a bit to punkish. It’s a track that contains all. ‘Follow Me Down’ which is one of the music videos – is a little slower than the rest of the tracks. You can really hear the wide range the vocalist has. His technicality was on point. The song – I believe – talks about substance abuse and the horrors of drugs, in which drugs were portrayed as a beautiful dark lady that lured people – the vocalist – in. Very touching and an important topic that should be always addressed. You can watch the video here.

‘A New me a Few me’ was a weird song. Good weird. The band does not appear in the video as themselves, but act, whereas the music video serves as a short movie about sexual abuse and identity disorder. Again, great topic choice and incredible music accompany it. You can watch the video below at the end of this article.

The last track ‘My Own Way’ was one of my favorites. It started with beautiful keyboards and cellos in the background. The chorus of the song was breathtakingly beautiful and I could listen to these 30 seconds for over an hour. Perfect ending for the album.

What I really enjoyed about the album is that it has a bit for everyone. Hard rock lover? You got it, a punk? It’s there. You like slower tempo? They still got it. The quality of music and production is incredibly good, knowing they are still a young band, but definitely talented musicians. Their album talks about important topics that may or may not affect us directly, but still a quality topic to discuss and think about. I really enjoyed this album and I believe you will too.