Marian Simmons and Philip Truitt

‘Winning Heart’, a spacey, Art / Acoustic Rock track right from Georgia, USA, is the first song from Marian Simmons’ collaboration with Philip Truitt.

The melody of this track is a rhythmic downtempo voyage that counts with both acoustic and electronic elements. This symphonic texture offers a soft, lo-fi sound experience to the ear while also narrating an engaging story about two lovers.

‘Winning Heart also plays with the intro and outro effect, starting off and finishing with the same kaleidoscope, mysterious mark, as if the tune was a wave of sounds that subtly came in and out like a dream.

The romantic track is a duet about two strangers who meet and their effect on each other after the encounter. Both of them, from different worlds, have a fated experience and then depart.

‘Winning Heart’ came together when Philip presented Marian with the track. She quickly grabbed the lyrics, and the characters began to evolve into a storyline while they worked diligently to create this piece of music.

Marian and Philip met through mutual family and got into the studio in 2020 to start producing and recording their music. 

The main musical influences for Marian is Classic Rock and practically anything you can dance to. While for Philip, it’s Brit Rock from the 60s and Symphonic Music. 

With such a charismatic mix of tastes, it’s no wonder that ‘Winning Heart’ is a rare gem. This song is a total odyssey not just from the musical perspective but also an emotional one.