Xavier Bailey

Sweet Imperfections’ latest single, Wings, is a perfect example of a song that should never be skipped from the first 20 seconds. Let me explain.

Sweet Imperfections is Bri Schilling. A San Diego native who’s been drawn to music from a very early age, feeling compelled to write melodies drawn from the connection she felt between nature and sound. A sensitive soul, Bri’s music is powerful and enigmatic, loaded with deceptive simplicity.

Wings is a case in point.

The way Wings starts made me experience a mild, sour taste of disappointment. The starting piano line sounds generic and predictable. I thought I was in for a bore. But Oh, how wrong was I. What comes after that piano intro is a flood of orchestrated awesomeness, and Bri’s vulnerable, honest, and powerful delivery is the cherry on top. Courtesy of an illustrious band of musicians, a collective of Southern California’s finest, the entire arrangement is tight. a grooving, simple drumline, a light, atmospheric guitar part, and a few carefully curated, nature-inspired sound effects, and a wonderfully written string arrangement. The musical result is a backing of hypnotic power and immediacy, heightened by Bri’s fantastic singing and gorgeous lyricism.

Bri Schilling’s Wings quickly recovers after a bumpy start, and becomes a song of great charm. A sweet, loving song from Sweet Imperfections.