After the band split up and the many obstacles they’ve faced the last few years, Blind Season was able to make a comeback. The band’s current official members are Shane Sigro on guitar and vocals, along with Mike Paraski on bass. They’ve both been friends since childhood and have always been part of the band. Their musical style is mainly influenced by Alice in Chains, The Cure, Seether, Nothing but Thieves, and others. So far, the band has only performed one show to their friends and family with its new lineup and current members as a comeback. ‘Wine & Hair Dye’ is the first single released with the new band lineup. It’s the first song in the trilogy and the last song in the album yet to be released. The writing process for this song was quick and it was finished overnight. the lyrics are written by Shane; it’s about questioning a relationship and why should he stay? As he keeps repeating throughout the song “Give me a reason to stay?” the lyrics aren’t depressing as much as they are honest, raw, and authentic. It’s a mix of familiar guitar tunes with a chord progression that is easy on the ears. The drumline is simple and consistent. The song was recorded in Shane’s basement except for the drumline that was played in Loren Israel’s studio in LA who also did the production for the tracks. We’re keeping an ear out for the rest of the album and what’s coming next from this resilient band.