Chris Trewin

Songwriting power duo Drew Price and Chris Trewin decided to join forces and form Tralala in 2020. After their demos grabbed the attention of producer James Doviak, he decided to be their mentor and handled the final mixing of their debut full length that’ll be out in early 2023. Tralala released 3 singles so far with mixed moods and influences and today we’ll be reviewing their 4th and biggest release so far, the double single “Winded/What’s the Point” which was released on the 1st of July, 2022.

Let’s start with the album’s lead single “Winded” which is btw, a perfect choice for a lead single as it says a lot about their sound and style. It has a dark melodic synth intro with a mysterious haunting vocal melody. It evolves into various sounds and melodies from slow, dreamy, and sometimes oriental melodies to hypnotizing groovy ones. Its mood shifts smoothly from dark and mysterious to groovy before steering the ending into a slow sad mood.  “What’s the Point” starts with a mellow psychedelic intro with a growing dark mood that sets when the verse starts with its dark emotional deep melody. It smoothly progresses into a more melodic and upbeat form before tuning things down into a slower ambient mood, this mood starts building up again before getting into a sweet psychedelic zone with layered vocals and neat arrangements leading us to the outro.

“Winded” and “What’s the Point” says A LOT about Tralala, they have good writing skills, a lot of potential, diverse influences, and what’s more important, they are not afraid to experiment. The duo sounds to be on the right path to finding their own sound and I believe we will be listening to a lot of new sounds on their upcoming full length that I’ll be keeping an eye on and, I suggest you do too. Cheers!


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