Miguel Camarena

The 15th of July saw the release of ‘Wild and Free’ by Roisin O’Hagan, the third single from her forthcoming EP, which she composed and produced in the UK.

Roisin, a finalist in the Fender Undiscovered Artist competition with the assistance of Matt Malley (Counting Crows), Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters), and Pete Murray, has had an impressive start. For instance, she has been included on prominent Spotify playlists and BBC Music Introducing radio broadcasts in the United Kingdom.

Roisin adds her inventiveness to the song’s theme, giving an energizing and completely fascinating piece about the uncertain times at the start of a new relationship. When you first hear the song, you can almost picture Roisin singing it while driving along a country road on a summer day. When Roisin wrote this song, she was trying to describe the fears and worries that come with a new love.

Influenced by artists such as Counting Crows, Taylor Swift, and Bruce Springsteen, the track’s melody sparkles with jangling guitars, captivating lyrics, and energetic drumming. O’Hagan resists modern embellishments and frills, remaining loyal to her own distinctive style and relying solely on her natural voice and unedited instruments.

This song is not an exception to her propensity to blur genre lines. The contrast between O’Hagan’s lovely, delicate voice and the music’s blend of pop, folk, country, and rock is striking yet complimentary. The country/rock guitar chords and catchy chorus of this song reveal that despite her delicate voice, she is capable of producing a more robust sound. Roisin’s songs are not only clever and catchy, but they also express an important message. She has no problem expressing her opinion and drawing on her own experiences.