Kiev-born artist Delena, now based in London, announced a new single titled ‘Why Should I Love You’ to be released on the 25th of November. Don’t be quick to judge this one. This is more than the usual heartbreak song.

Delena is a hot new pop artist studying at the London Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. She has style, artistic vision, and millions of streams to prove it.

Her upcoming release, Why Should I Love You, is a nuanced track. It is loud, yet subtle, with a soft start and an epic ending. Every element is gradually added to the narrative of the song, and every element is nailed to perfection.

The track starts with vinyl crackles and filtered vocals that callback to the era of vinyl records by such American singers as Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James who had their heights of popularity in the 60s and 70s and influenced the rising voice of Delena.

The first verse is powerful just with the groovy drums and soulful bass, topped with Delena’s incredible delivery that immediately demands and successfully grabs attention. 

The incredible dynamic range of the singer and the instrumentation is demonstrated as the track goes into the chorus and second verse, which gradually build up to the infinitely replayable climax that encourages discovery through its many subtle elements that are well thought out and executed including huge choir harmonies, bluesy guitar licks, and emotionally intense main vocal performance.

The high point of the climactic second chorus would seem like a great place to end the song, but BOOM! Key change! Delena is not finished yet, with an incredible final section that goes absolutely wild with guitar solos, tambourines that spice up the rhythm, and Delena’s glass-shattering high notes.

‘Why Should I Love You’ has everything we want to hear in a pop song, from relatable writing and impressive performance to instrumentation, arrangement, and production with commercial and artistic quality. 

The inspiration behind the relatable lyrics and the message in the song come from Delena’s recent break up, which came at an unfortunate time for her and her country. 

Delena stated about the song Why Should I Love You

“This song came into my life at a time when everything seems to be upside down. My relationship broke down after 6 years, the war in my country continues and my friends and family are all scattered across the world. So, I dedicate this song to anyone with a broken heart. You will heal and you will love again”