Teasing the release of their 2023 record Waiting via Case Studio, Snakedoctors dropped their 3rd single Why Don’t on the 26th of May 2023. Once again collaborating with Nick Hughes (Bush), Why Don’t was mixed by Dawid Gorgolewski in Osso Studio and mastered by Stephen Marcussen, so let’s dive into it and see how it goes. 

Keeping up with their grungy sound and direction, Snakedoctors laid some heavy riffs with a dense distorted layer that added an unrefined texture to Why Don’t‘s mix. Its slow pace added extra weight to the riffs, especially with that fat deep bass and heavy pounding drumming, while the mysterious intimidating vocal melody’s approach reminded me of grunge classics and had me hooked. Why Don’t has a smooth dynamic flow that’s hidden within its dark mood, they fluidly shift from groovy raw riffing to melodic guitars and then bring back the groove again, all in a tight coherent structure that kept things interesting with all those unexpected twists and turns. 

Snakedoctors created a mix of dark emotional melodies and flowing headbanging riffs, all in a solid structure and an organic progression that solidified the song’s sound and direction showing Snakedoctors’ well-knowledge of their sound and most importantly, their musicianship and writing skills as they followed that path while keeping their energy and style fresh and authentic. Looking forward to more from Snakedoctors, keep on rocking. Cheers!