Dillon Bauman Imagery

With a massive attitude and hard-hitting sound, the rocking trio Absinthe hits with their latest single “Why Does My Head Hurt?”. Tackling mental health this time, Absinthe described “Why Does My Head Hurt?” as,

“Why Does My Head Hurt?” is about struggling with mental health in a group setting, and in a tongue-in-cheek way, Persia g a lobotomy as a cure for those mental health struggles.”

So let me tell you what it sounds like,

“Why Does My Head Hurt?” opens with a raw playful melodic riff that takes us directly to a crazily dynamic verse that smoothly swings from upbeat energetic parts to groovy building-up ones. I loved its structure and how they kept messing around with those riffs’ arrangements, pounding drums, and heavy basslines creating an ever-changing entertaining experience that was kept intact with that melodic main riff and powerful vocal melody with a sing-along bonus interlude around the 2:00 minute mark that’ll bond the band and fans when played live. 

“Why Does My Head Hurt?” shows Absinthe‘s straightforward heavy approach and clear sense of direction, as they boldly dive into a pure rocking and raw sound while freely speaking their minds loud and clear. Totally recommended for all heavy music fans, and I will definitely be keeping an eye on Absinthe, cheers!