Brooklyn-based artist Couvo just released his latest nostalgic feeling 90s inspired super powerful single “Why Do You Want”…it’s an emotional rollercoaster.

Cuovo takes us through highs and lows on the emotional spectrum through “Why Do You Want”…which is an interesting name for a song…and an interesting way to put a question, but he has a point there…we’ll talk about that insight that Couvo shares with us.

The song goes between two very extremes…one part with the verses, a very emotional downbeat section…a place where Couvo perfectly showcases his vulnerable side…

…and the other part of that equation is the chorus…an explosive and huge-sounding experience that is very rare to come by…the energy in the chorus is completely out of this world…it is absolutely wild…while sounding amazing and feeling amazing too…on the technical and artistic sides. Perfecto.

Guitars are absolutely huge sounding…drums are a monster and the vocals soar, from an emotional and sonic points of view…when you first hear the song and it takes you from the verse to the chorus you’ll really see the fireworks up in the sky.

As I promised you…about the insight of the question, which is the name of the song also…Why do you want what you want is a straightforward question…until you dig deeper, this is how Couovo describes the meaning behind the song name and concept.

I gave it some thought and maybe you want something for the wrong reason…maybe you don’t know, maybe you’re not ready for it…it looks like a simple question, until you jump in deep.

We are super excited for Couovo, absolutely smashing and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Couovo…looking forward to hearing more and more and wishing them all the best in life.