Hazel Gaze’s “Who’s Sorry Now” is a rock anthem for anyone who’s ever been underestimated. This head-banging track is your cure to reclaim your power and move on to brighter horizons. The best revenge is living your best life, right?

NYC rock outfit Hazel Gaze was first introduced in 2017 by guitarist/keyboardist Russ Soper and vocalist Hanz. They jammed for the love of music, embodying the spirit of 90s and 70s rock influences. Now, the band is joined by bassist Konrad Payne, keyboardist/vocalist Mary Jo McBride, vocalist Molly Klein, and drummer Spiros Arnakis. Their fresh song, “Who’s Sorry Now,” showcases their soaring chemistry and fiery musicianship.

“Who’s Sorry Now” explodes from the very first notes, a playful guitar riff setting the stage for the charismatic and engaging vocals. You’ll find yourself quickly invested in the relatable break-up story, a classic tale of someone twisting the truth for their own benefit. While the core energy is pure classic rock, the song doesn’t get bogged down in nostalgia. Hazel Gaze infuses a modern edge, creating a fresh and empowering anthem that resonates with listeners today.

The familiar theme of breakup might be familiar, but the musical approach is anything but ordinary in today’s rock scene! Hazel Gaze weaves a tapestry of sonic brilliance. Electrifying guitar riffs intertwine with a rock-solid bass line, while stinging keys and passionate drumming propel the story forward. This powerful combination seamlessly draws you into the emotional journey—the frustration of the messy split-up, the homage to rock legends, and the unique world of Hazel Gaze.

This is a resonating message of self-worth and liberation. It’s time to “grab hold of the wheel!” You hit the play button and let this rocking track empower you!