With a big plan to release a single every other month in 2024, Eddie Cohn kicks off the year with the release of Who or What I Was Before on the 12th of January. Exploring his love to grunge rock, Cohn collaborated with Brett Farkas (electric guitar), Dan Lutz (bass), Jake Reed (drums/percussions), and Kevin Penner (mixing/mastering) in mixing his influences with his own creative touch, creating his own unique sound. Let me tell you more about it. 

With an engaging beat and warm acoustic guitars, Eddie Cohn opened Who or What I Was Before, building up for a rocking, energetic tune to come and smoothly lead us to the verse. Cohn gets into the verse with his authentic alive vocals and subtle guitar melodies where he leads a streaming progression, softly guiding the listeners through his dynamic escalation towards a bigger sounding, hooking chorus. The catchy chorus comes blasting with energy-boosting beats and a moving multi-layered structure, multiplying the song’s driving, rocking sound keeping the listeners fully hooked and entertained, and paving the way through the song’s twists and turns to the wild outro that’ll make you play it over again.

Who or What I Was Before is a fluid, easy-going tune with powerful melodies and cool sound shifts that shows Eddie Cohn’s writing skills and melodic direction, it powerfully moves forward within a warm mellow setup delivering the perfect emotion without compromising its core rocking nature. Looking forward to more from Eddie Cohn, keep on rocking. Cheers!