“Who Needs Who” is the latest summer banger, coming from the indie-rockstar Nick Noon…

Fusing the past and present with an infectious melodic energy and amazing performance…

“Who Needs Who” was released onto all digital platforms on April 11th, evoking nostalgia, blending the energy from the 90s with modern and current musicality…and it does it effortlessly…and very naturally.

“Who Needs Who” has some of the most exhilarating guitar riffs and soaring guitar solos, and instantly body-moving drum beats…all the song’s elements work perfectly together complementing Noon’s captivating vocals.

The song drops with a lyric video on YouTube that showcases the infectious spirit of the song…marking Noon’s artistic commitment to pushing boundaries through the audio and visual mediums.

Nick Noon is a rising multi-genre artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter from Nashville and has been making his mark for quite some time, generating waves in the music world.

He is known for his emotion-evoking sound and relatable style that springs from his life experiences

Nick’s musicality is on another level, making him one of the most unique musical figures in the scene today…and “Who Needs Who” is-I gotta say-one big musical milestone…a must-listen experience…in fact, go check it out right now.

Wishing all the best and for more success to come for Nick.