Holiday in Tokyo are a UK-based (specifically Newcastle upon Tyne) Alt-Rock/Indie band. They released their new single “White Marquee” at the beginning of June. This song is supposed to be about frontman Matty Roger’s core memory of his dad performing guitar for the first time in public. 

The first thing you notice is the guitars, just Lofi goodness throughout the entirety of the song. The guitars are mellow, yet they’re sweet and harmonious. The drums are super soft; you can barely hear them, but rhythmic nonetheless! The song itself is slow-paced and you feel like you can’t tell where the chorus is. One upside is that you feel like Roger is telling a story rather than singing a song, like he’s storytelling but with guitars and drums. The song makes you feel like that scene in a movie or series where they’re having a flashback and everything is hazy and dream-like. You feel like you’re in a flashback to the whole song, and you feel like you’re looking at things through Roger’s eyes as a child. It’s beautiful how someone can take you back to a memory you never had. Bravo Roger! Also, the cover art for this single is super cute, with a literal white marquee on the cover and a minty green background, which furthers the mellow vibe of this song. 

All in all, I loved this song. Had it been faster-paced, it would’ve been better in my opinion, but I guess that’s Lofi for you. I can’t wait for them to release their full length album, which will definitely put the spotlight on them in the Lofi-Indie Rock genre!