With a thick heavy sound and solid melodies, the New York-based headbangers Advents present their latest single “White Flag”. Taken off their upcoming self-titled debut record, “White Flag” is an anthem about being human and all the struggles that come with it or as they described it, 

“brings focus to the flaws that come with being human and finding strength to move through life’s hardest trials.”

So let’s see how it goes, 

“White Flag” kicks in with a hurricane of riffs that’ll please every metalhead’s ears, adding those brutal vocals and pounding drums to the equation sent me headbanging all over the place, especially at the breakdown around the 1:20 minutes mark. The clean vocals in the chorus made the sound bigger and more open creating a break through all the heaviness and building up for what’s next. The mix between the heavily distorted riffs and mysterious synth was smartly written and mixed giving the riffs a deeper layer and cementing Advents’ modern sound. 

“White Flag” shows Advents’ musicianship and diverse influences, they created a heavy, brutal tune with loads of melodies and clear vision. Mixing extreme metal elements with synths and at some points piano while switching vocals made the song’s structure more interesting and created energetic dynamics. Looking forward to more bangers from Advents, keep on rocking guys, cheers!