Mars McClanes’ latest track, “Wherever You Go,” is a vision of summer, highways and 70s Vista Cruisers. The Dallas-based band’s third single takes you on a road trip together with your closest pals. Co-written by Brian Corley and Russ Chapman, “Wherever You Go” marks the band’s third release after “Riddles” and “Worries.”

I was about to mention that the band’s sound in this and the preceding two tracks sound (in a positive way) like a song trapped in time from twenty years ago then I discovered that the band debuted all the way back in 2001. The way the tune is mixed and its arrangement reminded me of old songs I had on my Sony MP3 player from way back when, which made perfect sense. It is a misnomer to refer to it as “alternative rock” because it is an unadulterated rock at its purest. According to my knowledge, it is distinct from anything labeled “alt-rock”; in fact, it is precisely what many young alt-rock musicians seek to emulate but fail to achieve.

From the finger-snapping tempo to the nostalgic guitar melodies, this song has it all. Even before the chorus, the intro hooks you in with a slew of old-school musical textures you hardly hear today.