In fact, it’s rare when you find metalheads who didn’t like power metal, at least one band! In my opinion, power metal bands, especially in the golden ’80s and ’90s era were a huge influence for many progressive, djent, and heavy metal acts. Imagine names like Stratovarius, Helloween, Blind Guardian, Acid Earth, Gamma Ray, Rhapsody of Fire (formerly known as Rhapsody), and Angra among countless other names, shaped a big part of the heavy metal world. I believe that Luar Shadow Light tried to collect all his previous experience and inspirations in an ICONIC ALBUM! “My inspiration is that magic that one carries within”Luar Shadow Light said. And truly he made a magical record! I’d recommend checking ‘The Dark Decay‘ music video, I really loved how the filming was pretty simple but it was a great fit for the music indeed. Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the 7-tracks album that I dare you to find one negative point. If you started to listen to the album you can find that each element was well presented and chosen carefully in each song. What I really like is that he was keen to give each instrument its reach tone and getting the best of out, first his vocals is really warm, emotive, powerful, and unique tone as well, as much as the music varies from soft to loud, his voice smoothly goes between. Guitars really did a great part over here, and I’d like to salute the tight rhythm guitars, who did a great structure with bass and drum lines, but also, my favourite will go for the sense of lead guitar and its touching and impressive solos. Orchestral and strings elements were a great addition to this album for sure. I believe that Luar Shadow Light was very keen to keep such elements as the main background core for his music, which served the whole album perfectly!


Definitely, Undying Sun is added to my music library, and I dare you to find any negative point in any track of the album, truly, I’d give it the best power metal Rock Era received in 2021 so far. Feel the charm below! 


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Mena Ezzat