L. Zonova

Canadian artist/producer Nasmore hits again with big sound and dynamics on “When Will I Learn”. Continuing his epic collaboration with vocalist Cris Hodges while adding former Tears for Fears and Robbie Williams guitarist Neil Taylor to the mix creating an instant hit. 

“When Will I Learn” epically kick starts with a mysterious intro and an attention-drawing verse with deep vocals and ambient guitars, preparing for a perfectly dynamic trip as the song progresses. The bridge’s heavy guitars and powerful vocals are smoothly built-up to one hell of a catchy chorus, it’ll invade your mind leaving you singing it for quite a while just after the 1st listen with its big sound and fluid melodies. Around the 1:25 mins mark Nasmore takes us into a deeper level with a perfectly placed and well-orchestrated emotional interlude. Cris Hodges’ expressive vocals and Neil Taylor’s guitars alongside Nasmore’s seasoned songwriting established a unique atmosphere. I loved how he went from there into an even heavier version of the chorus, before ending with a killer melodic straight to the point guitar solo. 

“When Will I Learn” is one of those songs that’s here to stay. It is well-crafted, arranged and written with the perfect choice of collaborators as Neil Taylor’s solo was a key moment ending the song on a high note, while Cris Hodges’ extremely expressive vocals added a lot of energy and brought the lyrics to life. “When Will I Learn” shows Nasmore’s extreme musicianship and his clear vision and abilities to create a banger hit that’ll live for long. Wishing Nasmore the best of luck and looking forward to more, cheers!