Hannah Robinson’s “When I Was High” is a rare rock gem that gathers dreamy and melancholic vibes, astonishing guitar work, alluring vocals, and a relatable theme. So there’s no escape; you’ll insanely fall into the magical hole and find yourself in an authentic musical realm.

“When I Was High” is the most recent single in Hannah Robinson’s distinct discography. The Gateshead-based artist utilizes her vocal abilities, poignant writing, and various sounds out there to offer genuine music that captures her artistic identity best.


From intro to outro, the song works on getting you hooked with its vulnerable theme, charismatic vocal delivery by Hannah, and exquisite musicianship. The fusion of dreamy pop and edgy rook flairs creates sonic ecstasy and tightens the tune together with profound sensitivity.

The gifted artist has a knack for showing the vulnerability of humans, and she touchingly pours her heart out in her writings. It’s also demonstrative in her raw vocal line. The lyrical content here is about something that most people go through at least once in their lives, which is doubting themselves and deriving their self-worth from others who are usually underestimating.

With such characteristic guitar riffs and a fiery arrangement, Hannah is backing up her notion well and allowing her mesmerising, psychedelic vocals to shine. She offers an emotional, sincere performance that conveys every sentiment in the song. The drumming is solid right from the start and gives the needed amount of energy, but I feel that I need to highlight again how magnificent the guitar work is!

This is a song you need to hear more than once to be immersed in its aesthetic artistry. Get ready to feel spaced out with “When I Was High” below.