With industrial/nu metal sound effects and crunchy riffs, German singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mark returns with his solo project Band W/O Band introducing new sound on his latest release “When Death Comes”. I had the chance to review his previous single “Not Okay” before and now we’ll dig deep into “When Death Comes”.

Band W/O Band’s new direction is pretty clear, right from the ambient background at the intro and that melody coming from Static X’s world, all building up to a pounding slow headbanger riff that fits his unique deep vocals. The vocal harmonies at the verse added an extra layer and texture to the expressive vocal melody and the effects added on the vocals towards the outro is pretty cool and gave the vocal melody a twist matching the industrial mood. Keeping the riffs heavy at the chorus while going with a melodic vocal melody was a satisfying moment for me coz, I only wanted this song to get heavier and it awesomely did and, the way Band W/O Band managed to keep his raw sound and heavy groove while introducing new elements to his music shows character and solid vision.

“When Death Comes” is a sound expansion by Band W/O Band while keeping his roots safe and sound, I like the progression and experimentation happening in every release and of course, the heaviness of his music and channeled emotions through it. Looking forward to more, cheers my friend.