A mesmerizing funny feeling of nostalgia hit once this track starts to play! A new single released by the Canadian Indie Pop band “Wottstitled “Wheel” consists of the duo Jayem (vocalist/multi-instrumentalist) and Ricky 100 (bassist/guitarist).

Wottshad a couple of tracks previously reviewed in Rock Era Magazine titled “Six-Shooter” & “SOMETHINGand frankly all of the tracks caught my ears for a listen.

“Wheel” begins with a palm-muted acoustic guitar riff, followed by a calm pop upbeat surrounded by synths and melodic dopamine tunes engulfing the emotions in you.

Wotts” wrote “Wheel” in a way that sounds a lot like the tracks that we watch on MTV, that it smells like some kind of a teen nostalgic vibe, probably for the use of xylophone sound that brought kindness and calm along. Also, the band’s main Influences are DJo and Dayglow and their main signature is to combine retro and contemporary music altogether and stick to the ‘80s vibe.

“Wheel” is about letting go of life’s conflicts, and believing in the absolute facts, in other words ‘mortality’ as the band stated. 

The vocal keys sung by “Wottsare sung perfectly and using soft vocal tones along with the magnificence of instrumentals that are used at the exact right time casting the adequate vibe to the listener.

To give an emotional, playful and nostalgic theme along with lowkey dancing rhythm beats is definitely a hard job to do, but I guess not that hard, when “Wotts” are the ones on the ‘Wheel’.