South Carolina-based experimental/alt-rock project Elohyek have just released their attest single entitled “What’s The Use” as part of their new album “Evergreen Motel”. The song doesn’t sound like your typical alternative track, as it has some particular elements that make it very unique.

The track begins with a compressed segment that sets us for the forthcoming rhythm, which is where all the experimentation begins. The drum line is eccentric and very unique, but it’s not irregular or odd. It feels like a tribal or oriental pattern has been transferred to rock drums, and I loved how authentic this made the track sound. 

The vocals are deep and dark, with little to no raspiness which is another unique element about the band’s sound. The lead vocalist has a very masculine timbre, but he shows power through his clarity and flawless technique with his chest register.

This eccentric bass/drum line continues until the second chorus when heavily distorted guitars hit and it all of a sudden felt as if this drumline wasn’t foreign or strange, to begin with. It still boggles my mind how they managed to unify the orthodox with the eccentric in this way. 

The guitar solo was a great addition to the song, as it compliments the main melody and doesn’t overstay its welcome in any way. I just love it when solos are straight to the point like this.

Overall, this is a song that will appeal to Alternative Rock fans, but it also has so many elements that fans of prog-rock and post-rock will thoroughly enjoy.