I believe that music is an art form that we visualize while we listen to. ioish, is the New Delhi-based project of musician Vaibhav Bhutani.What You Need It For is the second single off ioish’s upcoming album, In Waves

First, I need you to play the track, close your eyes, and imagine… Can you feel it? While listening to it, I felt that I am moving to a different place, this is how I believe ‘What You Need It For’ is an extraordinary experimental and atmospheric rock tune. The song Meredith Moore on horns provides a great feel indeed and I love how the mixing and mastering elements by Brett Caldas-Lima helped to perfectly execute the production of Bhutani.

Remember when I told you earlier that muci is a type of art we listen and see at the same time, I noticed that it was already meant to be like this by ioish;  “I am also moving towards a theatrical performance instead of the same old rock and roll show with a couple of guys playing on stage,”  he explained. 

The beauty of the performance as well as the visualized music video, were the key to the success of this track indeed. The harmony and tightens of the music were capable of building a strong musical balance that I didn’t find any other instrumental in 2022 so far. Impressive, isn’t it? I adore and big fans of musicians who have a vision, not just want to play some music, and allow me to quote his words because no one would better to describe it really like him;  “I plan to implement projection mapping and an orchestra, so I will animate the whole album along with the songs once I am done recording them. The album is called In Waves because of how light and sound behave. As do human beings in a way.”Bhutani said. Well, it’s time to feel the beauty below! Enjoy!