When we want to alter reality, but we don’t know how or don’t have enough power to do so, we start building scenarios in our heads and wonder, “What If?” The HYBRIS chose not to keep their vision to themselves. They’re boldly giving us the biggest “What If,” because what if their message urged someone out there to change things a bit?

The HYBRIS are Rock heroes with a Greek goddess spirit, secret identities, and a wide range of locations. Hybris is the goddess or spirit of violence, reckless pride, arrogance, insolence, hubris, and outrageous behavior. It’s somehow what the trio’s sound presents in a dynamic, revolutionary manner, and as they described it, it’s “the perfect headline for the age we live in.” The Alt-Rock act’s members are going anonymous, choosing to be masked just like the typical heroes who only care about saving their society. They’ve been mates for many years, and now their organic music is being made remotely while they’re based in Nice, L.A., and Cologne.

The single’s blend of rock, grunge, and punk gives off an energizing mood. It’s driven by flaming riffs that boost you with an adrenaline rush enough to adopt the idea of saving the earth on your own. The drumming is head-banging, just like the entire concept. It’s all arranged around a funky yet edgy flair that gets you hooked and trapped in endless repeats, with you singing-along each verse with the same ardent.

The vocals offer the same vibrant, passionate atmosphere as the instrumental, or maybe add more gasoline to the fire. It’s a hunting performance that even if you paused the song, it would just keep going in your head and wonder, with a serious, frustrated tone, “What if we saved the world?”

What if you were looking for exceptional rock music with a genuine spirit and care to make a difference? Your searching journey will be over once you hit the play button below and meet The HYBRIS.