There is always a considerable difference between official world cup anthems or slogans and heartful songs that are written like a love letter to the artist’s national team. The latest single from Maddox Jones is living proof of this theory. Known to be a footie fan and Man Utd lover, Maddox worked on “We’re All Here Together (Go England!)” for a month to make it sound the way it does. The bass-heavy tune makes you patriotic to England’s national team even if you are not remotely related to the country. The bass and drums aid the vocals during the verses, and then they are joined by overdriven guitars during the chant-along chorus. I have to give kudos to every person involved with this project for making it sound like a whole state of a mind rather than just a song you’ll forget about minutes after hearing it. The accent and pronunciation of every word are perfectly British of course, and it’s very pleasing to hear Maddox as he belts out “Go Enga Laaand” during the chorus. It makes the song all the more relatable and easy to sing along to. Aside from the impeccable drum patterns and thumpy bass lines, the bridge of the song is one more amazing quality that shapes this song to be more of an anthem. I can imagine full stadiums singing along, clapping, and tapping their feet during that bridge. While every nation wishes the best for its team with songs and sentiments like these, the song is so well-crafted that it will be remembered even if “the boys don’t bring it home”.