Usually, the band identify their music as rock/Americana but actually, they are way more than that. Trick Shooter Social Club has its own flavour of country, rock, pop, punk and even blues, and what’s really remarkable is that each song takes its own direction and personality, but when you check the band’s music overall, you won’t get lost or confused like others. We’re All Forgiven provides a distinguish rock experience that actually tends into old-school techniques but is presented through a modern mix! Frankly, I didn’t find any negative point regarding this one, actually, it’s the same as the rest of Monte Carlo. I believe the energetic vocals, powerful riffs and tight rhythm with beats were able to deliver such a rockin’ tune that cannot be missed. The track discusses a really nice topic which is about when you washed away from your sins and past and how you get accepted again and forgiven in your community, well, it’s better to know it from the guys here “Every faith, every belief system, every culture, has some form of absolution – that moment when you are cleansed, when you wash away your past, your sins, your mistakes – and are forgiven and welcomed back into the community. The moment when you are refreshed, reborn, and recommitted to doing things differently this time – even if that is ultimately impossible. The act of absolution – of being forgiven – is essential to our flawed, somewhat broken, existence. It enables us to carry on and allows for the possibility of grace. This song is about absolving yourself. Forgiving yourself. Giving yourself that rare gift of mercy and grace in service of moving on, moving forward, and trying to do it differently this time.” Check it out below along with the full EP below!

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Mena Ezzat