Wendy?! is a rock band with a genre of alternative rock, the band was formed in 2008 and the band’s hometown is Rome, Italy.

A lot of people may wonder about the band’s name –which is exactly what happened – and in fact the reason behind that name is that the founders were inspired by “ The Shining” movie then, so they named the band Wendy?! .

The bands current members are:

  • Lorenzo “Mr. Grady” Canevacci: Voice and guitar
  • Andrea DRM Giuliano: Bass and back vocals
  • Alessandro Ressa: Rhythm guitar, back vocals, keyboards
  • Luca Calabrٍ: Drums

Wendy?! has released two albums so far. First release was Eleven in 2012 , and the second one is Notebook released in 2014 and which I will review in the meantime .
The album starts with a track called ‘Brain Drain’. Frankly as a start this track gave me a vibe of the 90’s or the 80’s, the rhythm is so related to Rock ‘n’ Roll!
It made me feel like I’m playing AC/DC or The Beatles. This song was a great mix between classic rock and modern rock, it’s a brilliant start actual.
I like the fact of being unconventional, as in ‘Lover’s Lies’ the solo came between verses, it wasn’t like what we all used to that the solo usually comes in the final part of the song but Wendy?! changed that concept in this exact song , and by the way it’s a great solo played here.

This album is really turning into a radio station, they play distinctive genres in one album, and did I say in one album? It’s maybe in one song!
For example ‘I’m gonna try’ this track’s intro is more country in its style and guitar tabs but in a second the song goes back to the main genre, rock! This album is becoming more fantastic and entertaining than many of the enormous rock bands.

This album is simply amazing as well as this band themselves. I’ve liked it much; I felt I’m listening to a new kind of album, new thoughts and new rock!
I haven’t mentioned all songs in detail, because I don’t like the fact that I might blow this on many. So I’ll leave it widely open for your comments or opinions because this album needs to be listened closely form your left chest part.

Written by: Amged Mahmoud
Edited by: NJ Bakr