Jon Reynolds

Kieron Michael Heavens, who is based in London, has just released his new song, titled “Wembley,” which is the first track off his next EP, titled “Foundations,” that is scheduled for release in September 2022. Kieron stated that he is “eager to promote music with good messages in it, especially if dealing with issues of hardship, mental health, and self-realization” when he uploaded the music video for the song’s lyrics. 

It’s taken Kieron years to walk into the spotlight and reveal his true self as an artist, but he’s finally done it, and he’s having the time of his life doing it. His only means of self-expression was the guitar, which he resorted to as a release valve for the feelings he couldn’t express any other way. Even now, Kieron’s music is a form of therapy, a way to connect with other people, and, most importantly, a way to communicate his feelings.

Every musician’s goal is to play at “Wembley,” the United Kingdom’s equivalent of Madison Square Garden. To play there is equivalent to having achieved mainstream success (at least if you live in any part of the Anglosphere outside the United States). Kieron, on the other hand, has alternative views; in his song, he asserts his lack of need for such conventional indicators of “success” and that he can find happiness and fulfillment on his own. He encourages the listener to find the strength to become the best version of themselves they can be and to refuse to allow other people to decide that for them. It is an empowering song with a beautiful and inspiring theme that complements the arrangement beautifully.