From the first seconds of Minami Deguchi’s latest single ‘Weight Of My Crimes’, and its juxtaposition of a gentle-sounding clean guitar line and a hammering distorted bass line, to the subsequent explosion of overdriven riffs, machine gun beats, and high octane emo punk, it is obvious that Minami Deguchi’s songwriting abilities are only on the rise. I mean, just listen to that solo.

Based in the Australian city of Warrnambool, Minami Deguchi’s music is hard-hitting, fast, and powerful. Often carrying over from different musical cultures, ‘Weight Of My Crimes’ sounds clearly inspired by Japanese rock, especially in the anime-tinged lead guitar solos. And then we start to pay little attention to Deguchi’s words and heartful, restrained delivery, and how deliciously balanced it is between being brooding and being overtly emotional, and the words sung, in his own words “a heartful apology, and a profound journey of self-discovery”. ‘Weight Of My Crimes” is a beautifully weighted rollercoaster of a song that never seems to rest on its laurels, and with a healthy-sounding mix, it seems that ‘Weight Of My Crimes’ is another winner by Deguchi.

If you’re into a bit of high-octane rock with a contemplative edge, then you can go wrong with this latest single from one of Australia’s up-and-coming names in emo and punk.