Weeping Silence is a known Gothic/Doom Metal band from Malta. As we all know, autumn is one of the best seasons to enjoy with Doom Metal music. The falling of leaves reflects the pain and suffering of the human soul. Weeping Silence gave us an excellent piece of Gothic/Doom music through their latest album Opus IV Oblivion.

The album started with ‘Oblivion – Darkness In My Heart Anno XV’. The track began with natural/atmospheric elements like the sounds of rain/waters and birds with wonderful female vocals like a monologue. The harmony of music was very good; it reflected a nice fall taste. The variety of vocals and the violin touches with the guitar’s warm melodies were like a stream of feelings. ‘Ivy Thrones Upon The Barrow’ had an impressive beginning with guitars and keys. It’s more of a melodic death/doom track with a symphonic taste.


‘Eyes Of Monolith’ carried the essence of Funeral Doom. It reflected the pain, suffering and hatred in humans. As for ‘Hidden From The Sun’, it started with an emotional guitar sound and a spoken part. It was a completely emotional track; the guitar melodies give you the feeling of fading away from an abandoned place.

‘In Exile’ carried the bitter taste of loneliness and solitude, also it continue the same concept of the previous track, so we can maybe call them both ‘Hidden in Exile from The Sun’.

Next up is ‘Stormbringer’, which began with a complete atmosphere of a winter storm. Calmness before the storm and the climax of the storm were represented in the variety of vocals. ‘Stormbringer’ carried a unique taste expressed in the effective impressive riffs, clear bass lines, natural/atmospheric elements, variety of vocals, and symphonic colors, ending with a perfect outro of funeral marches beat.

‘Transcending Destiny’ from the beginning gives you the feeling of an epic dream carrying you and flying you away from earth with a unique symphonic taste .

‘Bury My Fairytale’ came with impressive keys sounds. I liked that most of the track was calm and emotional then the fear, and pain began when the rest of instruments and the harsh growling vocals joined the keys, then getting calm again in the end with an angelic voice outro.

‘Gothic Epitaph’ with weeping guitar melodies combined with harsh mourning vocals full of bitterness and regret carried the smell of death and the conflict between life and death.

Finally, the album provides unique and very good music, with all feelings and the emotions of any human gathered in one release. The keys reflected the sweet calm sorrow, the guitars the conflicted thoughts of the mind, the drums the anger and evil, the vocals combined the good enlightened side with the darkened evil side, and the symphonic/atmospheric/natural elements are the human nocturne. It’s one of the recommended releases to enjoy with fall and the bitter taste of these cold bleak months. The album ranks at 9 out of 10.

Written by: Rana Atef and Mahmoud Ezzat
Edited by: Jailan El Rafie