The summer is here, which means it’s time for beaches and upbeat songs for them, and weddings and their soulful songs. So how about a song that gathers both? The energy and the sentiments, as well as what suits them best while walking down the aisle or on the first dance. Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends’ “Wedding Song” has this varied package and more!

Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends is a distinct musical project that hails from Stockholm, Sweden, and has been releasing songs since 2021, like “Wedding Song,” which is featured in the album titled “17 Birds at the Summer’s Gate.” The man behind this act is Alien Friend, who is a guitarist and singer in the Swedish band REDMOON along with Daniel Lagerlöf, Åke Lindgren, and Johan Lundström. Only rare talents that have much to offer can be in more than one band and ace them all, right?

“Wedding Song” has a huge wave of nostalgia, warmth, the finest sound of rock, and a touch of reality. The artist says that it was written for his own wedding, which gives it more authenticity, for sure. It features David Myhr of The Merrymakers on the bass and synth, where both present such a delightful, vibrant vibe.

The melodic, sentimental vocals are what give the tune its wedding-y atmosphere and make it, along with the well-arranged musicality, both danceable and moving. The musical composition is backing the vocals and the theme very well, where the chords offer a cinematic ambiance while instruments like the drums and bells are working on boosting a peppy mood.

All the elements of the single keep a balance between realism and dreaminess, which give a good resemblance of how love, marriage, and life are! And in the midst of it all, we got to “embrace the feeling.”

Well, if you’ve been searching for your perfect wedding song, here you go! And if you’re not, “Wedding Song” will create the magical scene for you.