Skinny Dipper is an indie/folk rock band formed and fronted by singer/songwriter Ryan Gross with a story to tell. They are about to drop their debut album “The Town and The City” by Summer 2022 and we’re about to review their 2nd single off this record “Wedding Ring”

The song has a really soothing flow combined with mellow guitar tunes, it gives relaxing and chilling vibes through the verse and its memorable chorus. It has a simple yet fitting structure and just when you start to think that it’s predictable, you get this fuzzy solo at the perfect time. If I would change anything -in my humble opinion- I would reduce the solo’s effect a little bit to make the notes clearer.
Wedding Ring is a chill tune that’ll go perfect with your morning coffee or while you’re chilling after a long day, it’s vocal melody will capture your attention and keep you focused through the whole story.