Michelle Gemma

  A mystical yet colorful place an artistic alternative folk band “Ellery Twining” coming from a town called Mystic in the US telling us some stories to us with historic people like their new release “Weatherall” on the 22nd of June, among many other releases that can get you more curious about the making of their songs and videos that show the exact meaning of each word that is written for this piece.

Rick Freitas is the main vocal, going under the name of “Ellery Twining,” Dave Bentley on the bass guitar, Brad Bensko on the electric guitar, and Jason Curland on percussion. They all got together and created some of those art pieces with the help of Michelle Gemma with the photographs and videos that were added in the making of their work, not to mention also, Kerry Niering and Erin Pipping.

The song starts with Ellery telling us a story about a dance hall that then got torn down quoting “The final demolition found us in handcuffs” with his clear voice and guitar riffs continue till the end of the song, Ellery is the master of the lyrics of the songs he has written, clearly telling his story in a creative and calm voice he ascends during the songs he produces that are perfectly synced together.

The calming instrumental void that is mastered by these unique artists and the artistic video that was produced is equally amazing with a vibe that’s a bit mellow and fun to listen to. It’s a mix of feelings they carry within their music. Music can’t be done with a true story that is hidden in creativity and invention in such a way.