Rich Crooks Photography

Get ready for a slapping dose of upbeat and positive outlooks on life as you drive through gritty hardship with Barking Poet’s newest release ‘ We will overcome’ dropped on the 9th of December from London, UK. Ecstatic and energetic, your heart, body, and feelings will jump with encouragement and motivation as you blast this track anywhere you are. With an alternative rock taste, this track was written during the pandemic with a cool video of the band playing which totally matches the vibe they are giving. It makes sense that this song was written during one of the darkest times the world has seen in this post-modern time. We thank god for artists like Barking Poets for reintroducing and maintaining some powerful music that uplifts in you when nothing else can.

The song feels like you’ve won a gold medal multiple times in a row. It’s the perfect track for when you want to feel like life will go on after a whirlwind of unfortunate events. The overall sound of the song is like you’re adding huge, beautiful wings to your body and flying away to a place where there is no kind of worry. The soundscape is a fast-paced but kind of laid-back alternative rock with a saturation of positive tones. The musical arrangement is made up of simple yet very prominent instruments starting with power chord electric guitars that are textured and heavy drums. This gives the song a much greater space of expression through the frequent change of notes as the song plays! The vocals are deep, clear and a little harsh to give that rock and roll vibe we really enjoy. Give the song a like on your playlist for a refreshing burst of motivation.