El Peyote is a type of hallucinogenic aloe vera grown in Mexico, and locals use it in religious ceremonies to communicate with the “Great Spirit” for self-healing.

“El Peyote” here is a new rock project, created by English artist Joe Yapp, influenced by the Australian outback, Mexico’s Sonoran Desert, and years spent traveling the world, producing great tracks like “We Have Liftoff”.

After eating a sacred plant in the desert of Mexico, Yapp was so moved by him that he named the album expected to be released this month, bearing all the visions and experiences. The track “We Have Lift Off” in turn carries a musical character resulting from the moment of interlacing after talking to the locals on Mount San Jose, He casts us in an amplified voice with turbulent intentions, trying to convey the exact moment when the medicine was rushing on his way back to his dorm.

The drumbeat at the beginning of “We Have Lift Off” can sense how fast the blood is flowing through Yapp’s arteries as it sets the tone for electric guitar waves that take us into an intense vortex in heavy, head-numbing, and mood-altering atmospheres.

This mix of ALTERNATIVE ROCK music was all recorded by Joe Yapp himself on “The Shred Shack” on a farmhouse in Dorset, southern England, then mixed and mastered by Domenic Maggi at Caldwell House Studios USA.

“We Have Lift Off” is a track that has a sharp taste like its inspired nature, I loved it so much and I’m waiting for it to be released to you so we can share this admiration, and we pray for this artist to continue to live vibrantly in his Peyote that gives him the creativity that we enjoy.