In Ireland, there are homes collapsing due to defective building materials, and there’s an alt-rock quartet decided to support the redress campaign and be a part of the protest. Don’t Fear The Natives used their music to spread the word about the scandal and the families’ suffering. Loud and clear, they announce, “We Don’t Wanna Hear A Thousand Reasons.”

“We Don’t Wanna Hear A Thousand Reasons” is the band’s latest single, and it’s a way to protest and an attempt to reclaim the rights of the families who have suffered greatly as a result of the mica in their homes causing them to crumble.

The single is alt-rock with some folk and rustic vibes. The acoustic melody has simple chords that give it a “homey” feel and a peaceful hometown belonging atmosphere. The soulful guitar playing and the soft drumbeat match the vocal tone and deliver the message best. The powerful lyrics were written by the band’s guitarist, Denis Kelly, and they’re bold, melancholic, and have a grim tone to them. Each line resonates to protest against those behind the on-going scandal, to support the redress campaign, and to be a voice for all the families exposed to the damage. Claire McDaid’s voice is one of the key elements here that makes it all harmonize well. She has a sad tone in her delicate voice, yet it’s tranquil, confident, and conveys the message fearlessly. The chorus is catchy and quite moving, to the extent that it makes you overthink what you can offer to help. 

It’s remarkable to use your gifts to influence, spread the message, touch lives, and strive to make a difference! “Don’t Fear The Natives” chose to be all of that and more, producing a single that will inform everyone about what’s going on with the families in Donegal, Ireland. Listen to their poignant, rebellious single below.

Wishing the redress campaign all success, and for the families to have safe homes and to feel at home again.

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