American duo Hailing Ishimura surpassed all our expectations with their latest release of the third solo track “We Did It To Survive”, mixing several genres such as Metal, Post Rock, and Synthwave. They were leaning towards the heavy side of this path.

Sometimes we get a little tougher when it comes to songs without lyrics, but Hailing Ishimura proved just the opposite, with their 4 min 34 sec ‘We Did It To Survive’ immersing us listeners with sounds and patterns in a dark, melancholy yet luminous atmosphere Some aspects, to be able to decipher the meaning behind their path and feel the mixing of dark color with colorful and airy moments.

Recorded in West Point, Virginia by Domenic Hopson and Christopher True, this track begins with fading low-metallic vocal notes and is quickly joined by powerful drums and deep electric guitar melodies, followed by fine strings that add nicely to the complex melodic structure, but are conveyed at the same time. A sense of lightness that contrasts well with guitars and bass.

The harmonious electric guitar brings out heavy, dynamic rock/metal tones that lead us to distort as the track progresses, after which it emerges from the distorted chord for a heavier part, evoking a sense of willpower despite the difficulties highlighted by the rocking guitar chords, ethereal tuning strings, and epic rhythm. This section eventually causes the listener to circle back to the introductory tone to complete the track.

Hailing Ishimura Inspired by bands like Brand New, The Beatles, Coheed & Cambria, and Lamb of God, when we listen to their first two comparison clips we find that the duo is setting themselves up for a fruitful future of experimentation and exploration. We particularly enjoyed this course and learning about their technical capabilities.