A lot of metal covers were released of Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Don’t You Worry Child’, however, We Are The Catalyst‘s cover and video was one of the most splendid covers amongst them all.

We Are The Catalyst are a Rock/Alternative Metal band from Varberg, Sweden, which was formed in late 2012. The band’s members are Cat Fey (Lead Vocals), Kenny Boufadene (Vocals & Guitar), Håkan Strind (Drums), and Joni Kaartinen (Bass).

The band’s cover track had a message unlike that of other bands who have covered that song. They truly affected the track’s story and vision.

What I liked most about the track is the intro and outro, and while the rest of the track wasn’t as good as those, it might be because the intro was so astonishing that it lifts the listener’s expectations higher than the actual verses’ level.

I disliked how they sang “There was a time..” in the second verse with a robot voice, I think if they sung it with their natural voice it would have been better. However, I liked the double vocals of Kenny and Cat a lot.

It remains unknown why they dropped certain words out of the lyrics and didn’t sing them; it makes you feel as if you’re playing an instrumental track with some backing vocals at some parts. As they dropped some words, then why didn’t they compose a solo? I think the cover badly needed a quick solo; it definitely would have been greater.

However, the drummer was brutal! With his remarkable, unstoppable double base, he provided an irreplaceable quality to the cover.

Here is the original song by Swedish House Mafia for those who haven’t heard it yet.

Edited by: Jailan El Rafie